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Telescoping Pole Remote Head

Remote control pan head of drip-proof and dustproof for world first and household use camera.
It takes a picture of the thing in the height, and the expansion and contraction Paul remote control pan head that enables the down shot taking a picture from the height.
To use it in even outdoor of the check in the construction site and the investigation of traffic, etc. , a drip-proof and a dustproof function were given. All are compact, light, and can be easily carried to machine parts.
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Products Infomation


Product Name Micro Head
Photo Micro Head Micro Head
Product Outline Micro Head that is appropriate for small public and business camera
Color White
Speed Pan10°/sec, Tilt10°/sec Pan27°/sec, Tilt27°/sec
Withstand load 0.5kg 2kg
Scope Pan±180°, Tilt±90°
Temperature 0~40℃
Power Supply from controller
Measurement 63mm W×94mm H×63mm D ※Installation plate is excluded
Mass About500g
Installing camera Public/Business Small camera
(SONY Handycam/HXR-MC1, Panasonic AG-HCK10G etc.)


Product Name Bottom controller
(speed adjustment)
Bottom controller※1
(speed adjustment,Infrared rays)
Bottom controller※2
(speed adjustment,Drip-proof camera control)
Photo Bottom controller(Speed adjustment) Bottom controller(Speed adjustment, Infrared rays ) ボタンコントローラ(スピード調整付, 防滴カメラ制御付)
Color Silver
Operation Function Pan, Tilt Pan, Tilt
(speed adjustment),
Camera control※3
Pan,Tilt,Zoom,Focus auto/Manual
※When use the drip-proof camera
Pan, Tilt Operation Bottom
Power DC12V(use AC adaptor)
Measurement 110mm W×48mm H×110mm D ※A protuberance is excluded
Mass About0.275kg About0.3kg About0.32kg

※ It is possible to operate it by the standing style having it by one hand.

※1 The one of 14 wicks corresponds to the Head cable.

※1 The infrared rays adaptor is needed.

※2 It is a controller to control "Drip-proof camera" of the option.

※1 The camera control depends in the each company camera and it depends on the infrared remote control of the attachment.


Product Name Head Cable(without camera control)
Photo Head Cable(without camera control) Head Cable(without camera control) Head Cable(without camera control)
Product Outline Composite cable that connects Head and controller
Length 5m 10m 20m
Number of wicks 4 wicks (with same axis)
Connector Pin-Pin
Product Name Head Cable(with camera control)
Photo Head Cable(with camera control) Head Cable(with camera control) Head Cable(with camera control)
Product Outline Composite cable that connects Head and controller
Length 20m 30m 50m
Correspondence controller Bottom controller(speed adjustment,Infrared rays)
Number of wicks 14 wicks (with same axis)
Connector Pin-PIn
Mass About4kg About6kg About10kg
Product Name Infrared rays adaptor
Photo Infrared rays adaptor
Product Outline Adaptor to control camera by using light part of infrared rays receiving of camera attachment
Connector Controller Side:Pin
Head Side:Pin, Video camera cable connector
Accessory Video camera cable
Measurement 85mm W×28mm H×125mm D 
※Cable is excluded.


Product Name Pole6m Pole10m※1
Photo 伸縮ポール6m 伸縮ポール10m
Color Silver
When longest 6m 10m
When smallest 1.32m 2m
Withstand load 6kg 10kg
Material Al


Product Name Drip-proof camera
Photo 防滴カメラ
Image sensor ¼inch, 380,000 pixels
Lens 18 times zoom f=4.1~73.8mm Auto iris
Focus Manual / automatic operation change
Horizontal definition More 470TVs
Illumination of the lowest subject 1lx
Measurement 62mm W×77mm H×145mm D ※A protuberance is excluded

※ The controller must use "Button controller (with drip-proof camera control with the speed adjustment)".


Product Name Camera installation metal fittings Head installation metal fittings
Photo Camera installation metal fittings Head installation metal fittings
Measurement/Shape Order-designed will produce the installation metal fittings for the camera besides the installation metal fittings of the Head. Order-designed will produce metal fittings that can install the Head in Pole and a single tube, etc.

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